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Our Vision

A letter from our Headmaster

I was struck immediately by the aspirational tone and theme of our Capital Campaign –

From The Hill to the Horizon. Like the references to the great images of Jerusalem, Rome, or Washington DC, MBA is situated on a hill — a place that we hope provides the perspective and the understanding that much is expected of us. Our mission is to find ways to build young men to be great citizens throughout Middle Tennessee, our state, the country, and the world.


Our Campaign is focused on these five areas:


  • Athletic/Program Facilities

  • Endowment

  • Planned Giving

  • Annual Giving

  • Long Mountain

At a recent meeting of the senior class, I expressed to the boys that we are much more than a college preparatory school. In fact, I boldly stated that we are primarily interested in developing responsible, thoughtful, caring, and significant individuals who will build greater and greater communities. We hope to equip our students with the skills, courage, and determination to do well throughout their lives. We also are intentional about instilling in these young men kindness, compassion, and a generosity of spirit that will make this world better. We are interested in MBA’s education lasting far beyond four to six years. Our desire is that this education stay firmly intact for 60 to 80 years for every young man so that the lessons, the friendship, and one's entire MBA experience make a transformative difference. We are focused more on what these initiatives will mean to our boys than the dollars needed to achieve them. We are confident that our community will make these aspirations possible so that we can fulfill the promises From The Hill to the Horizon.





Bradford Gioia, Headmaster

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